Mojave Bug Update? [FIXED]

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I was wondering if there was any update or advice for dealing with the Mojave stuttering bug? 

I have a few 15" MacBook Pros with the Pro Vega 20 video card that shipped with Mojave, so I'm hesitant to try and force a rollback to High Sierra. (I don't believe the Pro Vegas we're ever available during High Sierra, so they may not be recognized with the old OS)


  • Hello @jmellars,

    We're currently exchanging with Apple engineers about this issues that affects some configurations (and any software on such configurations). For sure, they are aware of this problem and are working on a fix. But they told us they cannot give more information for now.
    Also for sure, High Sierra doesn't have this issue.

    From our last testing : after unplugging our outputs and replugging them, it (sometimes) removed the issue (didn't have it for at 15 minutes of cautious monitoring). Could you test and tell me if it helps ? It'd be good information if so.

    Let me know if you have another question. I'll do my best to answer you.
    Best. Philippe
  • Hello, I have same MacBook Pro and same problem. It is not possible to install HS. Any news about this?
  • Hello @ciprian,

    I've talked about this on the forum elsewhere, but it's quite recent : this problem seems fixed in macOS Catalina (10.15 beta), as well on latest beta of macOS Mojave (10.14.6).
    We tested it a long time and no problem appeared.

    I guess the simpliest/safest solution is to upgrade to macOS Mojave beta.

    Best. Philippe
  • I'm going to testing :) Thanks!
  • I've seen Catalina be totally clean since the first dev beta. Didn't know about the Mojave beta. Jumping into testing that now (since I'm not super comfortable deploying such an early beta of Catalina to show site.)
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    Catalina beta works pretty good. The stutters gone completely. The only issue I had: with an egpu (I have the sonnet egfx) the system monitor stays blank at starting the system, if it's connected directly to the Macmini's hdmi port. But if it's connected to a USB-c to hdmi adapter, everything works fine.
  • I had the same issue. Digressing to High Sierra or upgrading to Catalina resolved the issue. I wish I would have known this before I was on site. A bug of this caliber should be communicated to all users so they don't have to plan on moving assets and wiping/reinstalling an O/S on site before a show. Would have been really nice to receive an alert. Many of us do not have the luxury of scanning all the boards before using the product confidently. Honestly, we shouldn't have to dig to uncover a bug like this. The scope of this issue should have been an emailed red alert to all Millumin users.
  • Hello @MilliMatt,

    Sorry about that. In the last months, we discussed a lot with Apple engineers as well as other software compagnies.
    The problem was hard to spot and evolved along the months. Some configuration were fine, while other not. I didn't have enough info. Be sure, we spend a lot of time trying to find a workaround, submitting issues at Apple, and finding specifications of this problem.

    Now, it's fixed in next macOS update (10.14.6) coming soon. Also on next macOS Catalina (10.15). We have better explanations and solutions. Millumin will recommend users to update.

    Let us know if you have a question.
    Best. Philippe
  • I updated to 10.14.6 today (from .5) after having a mouse stuttering issue while using an eGPU.
    The issue is no longer present.

  • Hi all -

    I'm on a brand new iMac Pro (10-core, 64GB Ram, VEGA 64X) with Mojave 10.14.6 and still see the stuttering issue. Output is a single UHD and a single HD output. Source material was delivered in a combination of ProRes 422 and ProRes HQ. 

    I'm in a show and reluctant to upgrade to Catalina, but I'm willing to try it. Before going that route, is there some kind of configuration that fixes the stuttering in 10.4.6 and Mil 3.14.c that I should try?
  • Hello SnowGloeb,

    Let's be sure it's related to macOS 10.14.6 :
    - Do you have some stuttering when running a single "Stripes" shader, on a single HD external display ?
    - Do you have the issue if you run a movie encoded with HAP ?
    - Is there a "security update" to install (it is a small patch for minor versions, see System Preferences/Software Update) ?

    Best. Philippe

    PS about macOS Catalina : you can install it on a second partition of your Mac, so you keep your current one with macOS Mojave.
  • Hi -

    Stuttering is present with the Stripes shader. I've seen the issue with HAP files as well. No security updates to install.

    I have a partition ready, just need to give it a shot.
  • Hello @SnowGloeb,

    Ok, let us know the result. Thank you.
    You might contact us via email, so we could check with a TeamViewer session.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe -

    I tested on Mojave 10.14.6, and Catalina 10.15.1 - same result. All files in HAP. I wasn't able to get back to Sierra/High Sierra on the production machine as the installer won't run on the system, though I think if I reformat the drive and remove the existing OS partitions it may work. I'll send an email and see if we can get a session going, but my site doesn't have anything above 4 mbps available.
  • All right then.
  • I have that exact spec'd iMac pro and delt with stuttering.

    1. Try playing normal prores in quicktime player and see if stutter persists. If yes then it is computer / settings / OS
    2. Make sure different video outputs are on different busses coming out of the USB-C ports. (Two right are one bus and two on left are another bus.) For example 1080 output in one of the two right USB-C ports and the 4k in one of the two left ports. 
    I finally got mine to work with the latest Millumin updates, and 14.6.6 with the most recent supplemental update. I still see a micro-stutter ever 30-60 seconds, I only notice tho because i edited the video, no one else sees the micro stutters.
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