DCP reader

There is a plugin to read and decode a DCP file?

Thanks a lot in advence !



  • Hello @peppinoline,

    Millumin can't decode DCP files. These files are more dedicated to playback cinema movies.

    You'll probably need to use another application to do so.
    From that, you have three options :

    - convert your dcp into an HAP or a prores. You can have a look at this tutorial
    - use the screen capture function bult in with Millumin to grab the output of the DCP Player. This would be ok for testing the workflow, but you will have a small delay between audio and video. DCPoMatic is a donation based software that can help you to do so.
    - play the DCP on another computer and grab the output using a capture card.

    Hope this helps.


    Antoine M*
  • You can also use DCP-o-matic to convert the DCP into a MP4 or MOV file, if you like. There are some instructions here: https://dcpomatic.com/manual/html/ch09.html

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