is there a way to map the corner of a surface thru OSC?
I'd like to remotely map them from the stage when setting my show in a new location
I'm able to do it for free mapping layers but not Surfaces



  • Hello @panchoo,

    The surface control is not integrated in the OSC API.
    Thus mainly because it's often more efficient to do it with a wireless keyboard using the arrows, and the tab key to change the corners.

    Feel free to submit an uservoice with usage details so we can track your idea.


    Antoine M*
  • Hello @panchoo,

    You can try this app to do what you want : RemoteMapp M by Loud Pixel.


  • Hi,
    Sorry for the late answer...
    @antoineM, wireless keyboard is not an option for me, I have often 10 or more surfaces to set, it's not practical to go back to the computer for each one to change the active one
    I'll submit an uservoice

    @Manouche35 : your ad doesn't seem to fulfill my needs
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