desynchronisation audio layer and video layer

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I have a sync problem when three video layers and an audio layer (wav, 16 bits, 48kz) are run on the same column.
There is a slight delay on the layer playing the audio.
I have the same problem when the audio is embedded in one of the videos.
When three videos without sound are played there is no delay. An idea ?
Thank you



  • Hello @ Freud,

    What is your version of Millumin ? 2.18.v ?
    What is your codec ? ProRes ?

    Did you try with Millumin V3 ? We worked a lot to ensure movie synchronisation.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello Phillipe,

    The version of millumin is 2.18.I.

    The videos are in MP4 (1920x1080),

    the sound in Wav, 16 bits, 48Kz. usually I use the "PhotoJPEG" codec, but since the files last 50 minutes, I'll end up with three huge files, and I'm afraid the reading will not be smooth.

    Whether the sound file is independent or on a video there is a slight delay in reading.I will test version 3.

    Best. Fred
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