NDI AUDIO Decode and Encode


Est-il possible de rajouter des les prochaines versions :
Possibilité de décoder le son d'une source NDI
Possibilité d'encoder le son dans une sortie NDI

Merci d'avance



  • Hello @LDaVEM,

    I'm replying here in English, so everyone could understand.
    Encoding/decoding audio isn't planned, sorry. But I understand this is a good idea. The best way for us is to submit an idea on Uservoice : it helps us to keep track of user requests, and see their popularity. Thank you.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hi Philippe,

    I created an idea on Uservoice : here


  • Hi Philippe and all the team,

    What about the ability to decode and encore the sound through ndi ?

    Thank's in advance


  • Hello @LDaVEM,

    For now, we are focused on other tasks and features.
    But the idea on Uservoice got quite some votes, and we might be able to study this feature (at first to decode audio from NDI). Of course, if there is some emergency for a project, feel free to reach us via email.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @Phillipe,

    I guess, thats the problem, that I dont get audio from OBS through NDI.

    We are starting to rehearse a new performance - 2 dancers on stage with 2 Laptops and a videoconference. I need to get the videoconference - picture + sound - into Millumin.
    It got the videos with videograbber and OBS + NDI, but both no sound.

    Videograbber is not really an option, because both dancers should move with the laptop - so I definit would vote for no HDMI Cable out to my millumin machine.

    Is there any other way to get the sound from the laptop?

    And I definit would prefere to get the sound throug OBS - because I can control the soundoutput via Remote Mouse ( Internal mic or Mic of the USB-Webcam)


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    Hello @kultex,

    Thank you for explaining your use case.
    Decoding audio from NDI sources is something we're thinking about for next beta (in the same
    fashion as for Blackmagic capture cards). Please note that we don't have an ETA for this feature, but we'll do our best.

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