Help / mapping on a 1/2 cylinder with 2 VP and edge blending

i can say i'm a beginner in millumin's mapping and i need some help with this.

Can someone help me and try to explain a little bit the process to map 2 VP with edge blending in retro on a incurved cyclo please ?
I'm a little bit confused with the tools in millumin.

Thanks for your help the community :)


  • If your surface is composed by 2 half-cylinders, you would need to "warp" your output. Open the "Mapping" tab, activate "warping", then adjust the warping-grid so the deformation matches the surface.

    Maybe you don't need to perform a soft-edge : the simpliest solution would be to use one videoprojector per cylinder, and do only warping.
    If you really need soft-edge, have a look at this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
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