random save problems

Hello everyone.
With the latest releases of Millumin 2 it occourred randomly that a project has not been saved properly.
Even if the save command did not reported any error, re-opening the project presented properties and files of the pre-save version.
I can not tell how to replicate this. I noticed it while I was preparing a project to live to an operator and collecting resources to give a closed project, finding with surprise old media loaded instead of newly changed or dashboard programming not updated.
Did anyone registred this beheaviour?
Many thanks


  • Hello @aigore,

    This sounds very weird : from a technical point of view, Millumin cannot write old data into a file. Indeed, it only writes the current state of your project.
    We never have such a reported problem.

    Did it happen once ? Or many times ?
    Did you used "collect files" features ?
    Could you check the date/hour of your project, to see if something was written when you pressed CMD+S ?

    Lastly, and just for info : if you move your project file to another location while editing it, Millumin will retrieve this new location and save your project there (this is automatically managed by macOS).

    Best. Philippe
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    Hi Philippe, thanks for the answer.
    Indeed I found it very strange.
    I can describe what I was doing so maybe it can be useful.
    I was editing a project, changing some media with new versions, saving it and collecting files from it to pack a new project with last version media. From that packed project I did again some changes, updated media with last versions and dashboard changes here and there, and collected again to give to the operator only necessary media.
    I noticed that in the latest saves, reopening the project, the media that should be of latest versions instead was of previous ones. So I checked the collected folder and th media was presenti in both versions. Names of media were different at the origin, so names weren't an issue.  I even saved the project with different names and dates and hours were different. At last I fixed deleting the old ones and leaving only the latest ones, doing again the changes and saving different times. Hope that makes sense.
    My best

  • Hello @aigore,

    Sorry, I don't really understand what happened. But it seemed you did a lot of changes outside Millumin.
    Did this happen only once ? Or several time ?

    To be direct, and from a technical point-of-view, this is not possible for Millumin to collect both previous and current versions of your media. Indeed, Millumin does not "remind" the paths of your previous media !

    Best. Philippe
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