Link media scaling to a transition

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Hi there,

let's say we have a simple setup in the dashbord, just one layer:

Column 1 contains the loopable „video 1“, column 2 contains the loopable „video 2“.
We set the layer media transition time for all contents to 500ms.

Now we can play „video 1“ for the desired time and switch to „video 2“ whenever we want to - with a nice transition.

Here is the question:

Is there a possibility in Millumin to activate a scaling just for „video 1“ from 100% to (for example) 125%, linked to the media transition?
We want the first video not only to fade out, but to fade and scale out. This action can not be keyframed as we don't know the exact moment of the transition from „video 1“ to „video 2“.

We tried a few things, but did not come to a smooth result.

Thanks in advance


  • Hello @Skyline

    You can create timeline with two segments to do custom transitions. 
    A sample project can be found here. 

    Please let us know if you have other questions. 

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