Set column transition time using OSC message?

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Looking for a way to control the transition time of a column using a OSC message,

The idea is to be able to set the transition time via a external cue manager using this articulation:

transition to [ COLUMN_NAME ] in [ X ] milliseconds.

using the API feedback, I'm able to "read" the transition time as the last item of the /millumin/info 
{ ( 8966787046730370560 )
  [/millumin/board/launchedColumn int32:1, OSC-string:`black']
  [/millumin/info OSC-string:`board/launchedColumn', int32:1, OSC-string:`', OSC-string:`black', OSC-string:`chapitre_1', float32:5000]
  [/millumin/board/stoppedColumn int32:3]

I'm looking for a way to set it but did not find this particular use-case in the OSC API documentation  

I did tried to add the transition time after the string since it feel right, but without success : 
/millumin/action/launchColumn "black" 5000

Any clue on doing this? thank you/merci.  


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