pink/violet color using active adapters accell for mac pro fullhd outpit signals on screen

Dear community I have an issue related to a topic I found on this forum.
Reading this post of MichaelWG I bought 4 active accell mini display/DVI adapters to push the fullhd signal on mac pro 2013 mini display port out puts:

need to use ACTIVE DVI to display port adaptors. An ACTIVE adapter will
convert the display port to DVI. The standard DVI to display port
adapters are PASSIVE, they just pass the DVI signal from the MacPro
through. MacPros can only support 2 DVI outputs (HDMI counts as one).The
Apple mini-displayport is a dual-link active adapter capable of
resolutions up to 2560x1440, but is $100 an has to plug into a USB port
as well. If you just need 1920x1080, you can use a cheaper single-link ACTIVE adapter. I like the Accell B087B-006B UltraAV Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Single-Link Active Adapter. I
can get them from Amazon for under $30. The other advantage of these is
they don't require a USB port. I've had 6 connected to my MacPro, each
output running 1920x1080.

this is the product:

the signal works really well, the problem is the color space/range of the out that I see on the screen is translated on pink/violet.
Basically a black back ground RGB with white text is displayed as magenta background (instead of black) and light pink for text (instead of white).
I have already tried to calibrate screens through Display preferences but the calibrations and profiles color that are available of the screen preferences will not bring back the original color display.

do you have an idea why it does this the signal?
any idea how to fix it please?

many thanks in advance

all the best


4032 x 3024 - 2M


  • My guess is the monitor thinks the signal is YCbCr when it should be RGB. See if you can switch the monitor to RGB.
  • Dear Michael, same problem in 2 screens, Samsung 55 inch and 3M 28 inch.
    Apparently you can calibrate the temperature but not the YCbCr / RGB input.. I'm a bit stuck..
    any other suggestion?
    other products eventually I can buy that does the same thing?
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    Hello @UWG,

    This is a bit strange.
    Could you try with another display, such as a videoprojector or a different kind of monitor ?
    Can you change the cable between the adpator and the display ?

    Apple is making a similar adpator.

    Best. Philippe
  • This is a color space issue. The RGB/YUV setting can be changed directly on the video destination in most cases.
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