layer from dashboard to timeline....

I have problem for the moment it's impossible to send medias from one layer or a complet layer to the timeline... How it's possible to do ? 
Thant you... 


  • Hello @Faliez,

    If you want to create a timeline from the dashboard, please use board/"Create a timeline with the selected layers..." from the menu bar.

    Does it solve your problem ?

    Sincerely your,

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  • Yes thank you Nicolas that's correct but i always create one timeline i want to send it in this time line not in a another and very importante i want to copy all effects ans positions and it doesn't work... 

    Perhaps we could speak french ? Thank You 

  • Hello i understand i have to select the layer and the element in it  to make total copy effect (position etc..)

    Thank you again. 
    Cordialement ! en Français :-) 

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