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Maybe a stupid question... I know how to get a timeline into a dashboard column, but how can I get a column into a timeline?


  • Hello @underscore,

    This isn't possible, sorry. To be honnest, I hardly see what it means.
    If you're beginning with Millumin, be sure to follow this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello Philippe,

    there is a simple reason: I put a lot of efforts into a single column: assigning media, sound, mapping and would like to make use of it in the timeline without re-inventing the wheel :)

    Regards @underscore
  •  Hello @underscore,

    In this case :
    - start all the needed media
    - select all your layers (CMD+A)
    - from the "Board" menubar, click on "Create timeline from selected layers"

    Best. Philippe
  • Does not work, as only selected layer content is being transferred.
  • Hello @underscore,

    So far, I don't understand what you're missing. Explain you need in much details, and we'll see what's possible.
    Keep in mind that the time management is totally different between dashboard (sequencer, timing is flexible) and timelines (timing is predetermined). They are complementary, not the same thing.

    Best. Philippe
  • I have column #1 with media, mapping etc that should run 60 second. Then column #5 for 20 seconds. Then something else... 
  • Hello @underscore,

    Millumin can create a timeline from selected layer (as explained in my previous message), but it cannot convert all dashboard columns into a single timeline.

    A solution could be :
    - create a timeline-from-selected-layer for each column
    - create an empty timeline
    - import each "column-timeline" inside this empty timeline

    Best. Philippe
  • Seems that I have to change my workflow if I cannot move my columns easily into a timeline. Maybe this could be my first feature request.
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