Link the osc message to millumin from audio qlab

I want to link the osc message to millumin from audio qlab.
How can i do this?
For example when i play cue 2 in qlab,
I want Column no.4 would be played in Millumin


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    Hello @UDam,

    First, you need to ask QLab to send an osc order when you launch cue 2. I invite you to read the QLab documentation to learn how to do so.
    Then, there is to way to receive the message in Millumin. You can create an interaction, as explain in this tutorial.
    Or, you can directly send the correct OSC order to control Millumun :
    /millumin/action/launchColumn 3

    Here, you have a list of all the OSC order Millumin natively understand.

    Does it solve your problem ?

    Sincerely your,
  • Thanks for the solution. :D
    I connected to millumin from qlab.
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