DMX Layer

I would like to know if it's possible to assign a DMX layer more precisly: I can only change its first DMX channel, so it take all the channel after the first, but I can't tell him: "start from 1 to 9". 
Any chance to help me here? 


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    Hello @Yakult77

    The resolution of the layer tells you the number of channel that are controlled. By default it's 8*4 meaning 32 channels. 
    You can change this to 1*9 to control 9 channels.

    If you want to trigger multiple dmx channel with only one layer and the same value,you can create several DMX lights and pair them via a circuit. 
    More infos on lights creation here . 

    To create a circuit, go in Window->DMX Panel and assign the same circuit to all the light you want to associate. 

    Hope this helps 


    Antoine M*
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