Loop Mode Remote Control

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Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding the loop mode of Millumin.
At the moment I preparing an interactive Installation where I need to control the loop mode of the timeline or the dashboard from vvvv via OSC (or any other protocoll).
For example the first segment of the animation will be played once and then seamlessly followed by a loop. This loop has to be played until a trigger signal (osc or similar) occurs. After this trigger signal the animation should be played normal without looping (eg via auto follow).

Is there onyone who knows how to archive this?

Many thanks in advance.


  • Hello @marcel,

    You can achive this with timeline's segments. Especially the "intro" option : to play the intro of a segment once, then the rest of the segment is looping.

    In brief :
    - you create a timeline wuth 2 segments
    - the first segment have an intro, and the second segment have nothing (or the content to be played next)
    - the option "synchronized" of the timeline should be unchecked (so it waits until segments finish)
    - you import your timeline into the dashboard, then you extend it over 2 columns (press CMD+E to edit)
    - you assign your OSC message to launch the second column (CMD+M for quick mapping)

    More info on this tutorial.
    Best. Philippe
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