Help fo 3 VP config

Hi everybody,

i will work for a show in a theater with 3 VP HD on 3 screens.
Everything will be send by a macbook pro with millumin.
So, i have few questions :
Does my workflow is good ? : millumin + matrox tripplehead + dvi/rjk45 converter + rj45 cable + rj45/dvi converter + VP
in this config, do you have a dvi/rj45 converter to advise me ?

Is it really better to work with Datapath x4 compare to Matrox ?
I think i need to have 4 outputs, 3xVP and 1 preview and i saw it was possible with 2 matrox or 1 datapath ?

thanks by advance


  • Hello @cinemarno,

    Yes, your workflow is good.
    We had good results with the Etekcity extender HDMI, and CAT5 and CAT6 cables. But this is HDMI not DVI.
    Never used the Kramer PT-571HDCP, but it seems ok.

    Be sure to check that :
    - your TripleHead is supported by your Mac (see this sheet)
    - you tested your configuration (don't do this at the last moment, you can have surprises with cables)

    The big advantages of the Datapath : it's a more robust and professional hardware, and it's just plug-and-play (no driver to install).
    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for your reply Philippe,
    i will try with the kramer and the datapath
    We are in creation so i have time to try.
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