LeDMX4 Pro

Hi everyone,

I'm using LeDMX4 Pro with a 2,5 meters long WS2811 leds strip.
Millumin detect the device no problem but when I'm playing an animation nothing happen.

eDMX configuration : 

- sync mode : none
- mapping mode : RGB 1 Universe
- port mode : DMX OUT
- pixel type : WS2811/2812 Fast
- pixel count 150
- color order : RGB

Everything will be ok, I don't understand why not ?
Can you help me ? Any suggestion will be very helpfull



  • Hello @Crananas,

    Since LeDMX4 PRO is an Artnet device, Millumin is not detecting it : it simply sends Artnet signal to it and everything is automatic. Where did you see it was detected ?

    However LeDMX4 PRO must be properly configured to operate on the network : this is not related to Millumin, and you have to configure it via eDMX Configuration Utility here.
    If the problem persists, be sure to contact DmxKing support, to check if your device is behaving correctly and is not broken.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for your quick reply

    Via Millumin > Device manager > DMX > Artnet is greenligthed
    I know the Edmx configuration is right because I can (via their interface) light up the led I want in the strip 
    So I think it's the link between Millumin and the DM4 pro that is not right.
    Can it be the Layer or Fixture parameters in Millumin ?

  • Hello @Crananas,

    If the Artnet device (in the device manager) is greenligthed, it just means that Millumin is able to send Artnet on the network (unless there is no network-card, it's always the case). It doesn't mean that you LeDMX4 is reachable on the network.

    What is the name of the application that is working (and controlling your LED) ?

    Run this simple test in Millumin :
    - create an empty project
    - open the "DMX panel" (via the menubar "Windows")
    - select the tab "Monitor"
    - choose "Artnet" as the device to monitor
    - play with the faders, and check that it is updating your LED strip
    - what is the result ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,

    The application working and controlling the LEDs is DMX Display utility that comes with LeDMX4 PRO.

    For the rest I'm stuck at choosing the Artnet as the device to monitor because I have 2 of them (universe 1 and universe 0) 
    and I clicked everywhere in the window no faders, nothing happen.

    Thanks for your help and time so far.

  • Hello @Crananas,

    Ok, so you're using testing your LEDs in the window "DMX Display" of the application "eDMX Configuration utility".
    It is sending Artnet, so it is the same thing as Millumin is doing.
    However, be sure that the IP of your LeDMX4 is in the same rnage of your machine. For example :
    - if you machine has an IP like
    - your LeDMX4 should have an IP like
    (see tab "Network", field "Node IP Address" in eDMX Configuration utility)

    Then in Millumin, don't you have DMX fader like the image below ?

    Best. Philippe
    dmx faders.png
    1598 x 888 - 173K
  • It's working ! 
    I don't realize what exactly change but it's working now.
    I have made a test with the faders before to send video and it was working
    except the faders blinked to 0 by themselves.

    Anyway thanks for your time and advices.
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