if-then-else statement

Hello everyone, I'm a new member of the forum and I already have a short question :D

I am working on a short video and I would like to project different timelines based on the current state of the system.
- Layer 1 should project a sky, which could be rainy or sunny
- Layer 2 should project the ground, which should start an animation of flowers growing ONLY IF the sky in Layer 1 is sunny

Would it be possible to control the Layer 2 based on the status of the Layer 1 (as I would do with a classic if-then-else statement) through Millumin?

Thank you in advance,


  • Hello @ZenoMenestrina,

    Millumin doesn't have such a feature.
    However, you could achieve your goal (at least if it stays simple) with "asynchronous timelines" : you would have to create several segments to handle all your cases, but it should work. More info on this tutorial.

    Alternatively, you could create a mini-application implementing yoru workflow (if-then-else statements) and control Millumin via the OSC API. See the OSC documentation and the developer-kit.

    Best. Philippe
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