Outputting 5760 x 1080 on a Mac with two duel link DVI

I am trying to output a resolution of 5760 x 1080 on a MAC with two duel link miniDP to DVI adapters. I am having trouble getting the two outputs to output different resolution. I would like to have one output at 3840 x 1080 and one at 1920 x 1080 to get my total resolution of 5760 x 1080. Can you please help?


  • Hello @Ztoelken,

    3840x1080 isn't a standard resolution : do you have a display connect to your computer that is asking such a resolution ? For example a Matrox DualHead ?
    A solution could be to force a resolution with SwitchRes for example.
    Another solution, more expensive but very reliable, is to use a Datapath X4 or FX4.

    Best. Philippe
  • I am trying to project onto three 10' x 18' screens and have one image across all three screens. So my gfx resolution is 5760 x 1080. I am running millumin on a G5 Mac with two mini DP to DVI dongles in to a Barco E2 switcher. I just am having trouble being able to output that resolution. I can only get the x4 to output 4096 x1080.
  • Hello @Ztoelken,

    First of all : this is not something to be configured in Millumin.
    Everything must be configured in macOS System Preferences / Displays.

    Your Power Mac G5 might not support such a 3840x1080 resolution. As well, your Barco E2 switcher might not support a 3840x1080 resolution.
    Usually, you feed a Barco E2 switcher standard resolutions, such as 3 inputs at 1920x1080. Did you contact Barco about your issue ? Did you try SwitchRes ?

    Best. Philippe
  • I've used a Barco S3 and a Mac Pro 5.1 before, running 2 x 1920x1080 and 1 x 3840x1080.

    If you select the relevant EDIDs on the Barco inputs, then plug in the cables from the mac outputs, you should be able to select the resolutions you want from display settings within OS X 
  • Thank you Andrew, the custom EDID settings was what I needed. I had to start with a resolution of 3840 x 1080 then put in the custom EDID setting for a resolution of 2880 x 1080 and then plug in the MAC. When I did that the MAC and Millumin where able to have two outputs of that resolution giving me one duel link background input on the E2 at a resolution of 5760 x 1080. Thank you for you help.
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