Octopus and Millumin 2

try to run octopus(3.0.4.) with millumin2 and i could not receive any
osc commands from octopus into millumin2 activity monitor.

Octopus and millumin2 runs on different computers. Both are in the same network.
In O
ctopus i add a device with the ip Adresse and the port 5000 and boardcast is set off.
And the green light comes...
Then i create a preset but nothing happen. when i use octopus and playbackpro its work.

what could I have forgotten? Thanks for your help.


  • Hello @Lars

    I'm not an expert in using Octopus, but when I send an OSC Message via the OSC module or the new Millumin module, Octopus produces an error in the debug windows (even if I have the green light in the "Mode->Properties" view). See attached screenshot. 

    Have you suceed in connecting Octopus in OSC with older versions (of Octopus) ? If yes, could tell us the version and a how did you proceed exactly ? 


    Antoine M*

    Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 15.24.01.png
    946 x 140 - 66K
  • Hello Antoine,
    now it works. I have to change the machine to the region USA.
    Adam(inventor of octopus) will change this in the next update.
    best wishes
  • Hey guys, just wanted to share with you a set made with octopus: 20 outputs, 8 machines, 1 only for control: 

    I'm using octopus a lot and in coming month I was planning to make a short tutorial about this topic if any1 is interested.

  • Hello @marinpetkov,

    Thank you for sharing your work.
    If you're sharing a tutorial about Octopus, I guess it'd be pretty useful : especially since the interface is hard to understand at first.

    Best. Philippe
  • Great work
  • I was planning to make a short tutorial about this topic if any1 is interested.

    it on thanks!

  • edited June 2018
    I'm interested in this tutorial!

  • Here is a quick tutorial I made of Millumin, octopus and streamdeck. Hope it helps
  • Hello HardeepToor. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.
    This Streamdeck looks like a very confortable controller.
  • Bitfocus Companion is really useful to use with stream deck, very quick to setup as a controller for many scenarios. Millumin is on the supported list. I've only tried it E2/Ascender so far though.

  • Hello @andrew. Indeed, this is a nice software, even with a StreamDeck emulator. Cool, thank you.
  • Nice tutorial.  Thank you for posting!
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