Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini Recorder APP

Hello, I'm looking for the plugin to connect millumin with the Blackmagic Ultrastudio mini Recorder APP. 
I want to do a live captation with Sony A7S.
Anyone can send me the APP ?
Thank you very much


  • Hello @Bmun,

    As stated in this post, Millumin natively supports such devices.
    Just plug your Blackmagic MiniRecorder, and it'll appear in Millumin's library (in "Inputs" folder).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @wickiss,

    We don't own such a device at our studio, but from user's experience, the Magewell Pro Capture Dual HDMI is natively supported by macOS : so usable directly in Quicktime X, as well as in Millumin.

    However, I've also heard about limitations in capture resolution : it's working well at 1080p60 but not correctly at 4k.
    You should contact Magewell's support to get clear answers about what resolutions are supported on macOS.

    In a general manner, there is a simple rule : if your device is detected by Quicktime X, it'll be in Millumin.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,

    I just bought Blackmagic MiniRecorder but unfortunatly i cannot find it in the library inputs menu!!!!
    Did i miss something???
  • Hello @Bentoto,

    Did you install drivers (Blackmagic Video Desktop 11.5.1) ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Ouppss....
    i feel like a tourist here!! 8-|

    Now i can see Minirecorder in the input...however...i don't have any image from my gopro!

    ....i ve tried to change format of the video output from the gopro and put it to 1080p 24
    but Minirecorder in millumin automaticaly put Ntfs display mode...
    i also try all the pixel format in millumin!

    any ideas???

  • Hello @Bentoto,

    Did you check with another output, such the HDMI from your computer ? Is your MiniRecorder working correctly ?

    About your GoPro : you should start by using a lower setting such as PAL or 720p60.
    Did you ask Blackmagic support if there was a known issue with the GoPro, or some kind of limitation ?

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,

    Finally i ve found the solution of my problem!!!!!!!!

    During the installation of the BlackMagic MiniRecorder, i did see that a little software have been installed called "Desktop Video setup" that allows you to choose which input of the Mini Recorder you will use (SDI or HDMI)

    It is so simple...and stupid... that i almost cry when i found it!!

    in fact, Blackmagic doesn't give installation information inside the box of minirecorder...and looking for this kind of simple info on their website is just a waist of time! 
    So, that s why i writing this that basic user (like me) doesn't get lost with that simple trick!

    So Gopro8 with MediaMod + Blackmagic UltraStudio mini recorder (check "Desktop Video setup" app installed automaticly with the device) = perfect live stream down to Millumin (now i m running in 1080p25)

    Thank you again for your answer...and your work

    take care


  • Hi,

    I need help...

    I've got an UtraStudio Recorder 3G on my mini mac M1 and Millumin isn't detected it...

    A solution?


  • Hello @lologramme,

    Did you install the Blackmagic drivers ?

    Does your UtraStudio Recorder 3G work with Blackmagic Media Express ?

    Best. Philippe

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