Millumin Slideshow Config

Hi there,

I'm wondering if there are config options for the built in slideshow feature.
I have a MAMP running with an webinterface where peaple can upload their pics.
This html5/JS "website" dumps all images into a folder. From there millumin pics up the files an show it per slideshow on a projector.
I need an updating slideshow ( millumin does update the images) but with the image filename or single not changing number shown like a watermark.

I've tried it with a html canvas laying over the image like any other web gallery plugin but i ran into troubles uploading many images at the same time from many devices at the same time. Looks like the script get confused.

Does anyone have an idea?


  • Hello @superRed,

    - you can execute a PHP (or PEARL) script at the reception of a new picture. That script will generate an overlay image. You can then use the Millumin screen capture plugin to get it in your dashboard. 

    - you can also create a small Processing app that do the same and sends the result in Syphon. For that you can use our dev kit as a starting point.

    Hope this helps 


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