Is a 24 screen projection possible with Millumin?

I am doing the preproduction for a relatively low-budget 360 degree projection and I was wondering if that was possible to achieve with Millumin.
So far the plan is to use 24 video-projectors with a resolution of 800x600 that would total a resolution of 19200x600 (minus some hundred pixels for soft edge) that are covering an area of about 100 meters in a circle.

My first thought was using three Nvidia NVS 810 Cards and use their Mosaic technology to create a huge virtual desktop that is made up from 24 outputs. Also, it would be possible to use three workstations and sync them together. Or would you rather suggest a datapath setup?

I am also looking into vvvv or touchdesigner or media server solutions like d3 or watchout.

But since I use millumin a lot it would be great to know if there is a possibility of making this happen!


  • Hi @fritzgnad,

    From Millumin point of view, there is no limitation in term of number of screen. As long as they are recognized by your mac. 

    We dont have any feedback on the card you are pointing at. If you plan to use them, check that they will be recognised by OSX... 
    A datapath setup might be more reliable and is officially supported on OSX. 

    Depending on the graphic card you will use, you will have a maximum rendering resolution of the card. 

    There are also software dedicated to dome mapping : blendyDomeVJ or omniDome. You can then send a Syphon flux from Millumin or any other syphon enabled app. 

    Hope this helps 


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