Freezing a frame from live input on Millumin 2


I am wondering, if theres a a possibility to freeze a frame from live camera feed in Millumin 2. Is there any built in effect for it, or some plugins maybe?

Can you help me with this please?


  • Hello @Bence,

    Yes, you can use the effect "Animation > Freeze frame" to do so.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thank you, it worked!

    I tried it before with a non live feed, and it did nothing on that video, i guess i have to keyframe that, but on the live feed, it works amazing.

    Best regards,

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    I actually have one more question:

    When I play a segment, from the dashboard, and i go to the next column, then back, the segment will play from where I left it. I need it to play from the beginning each time, how can i do that?
  • Hello @Bence,

    If you play the same segment on the 2 columns, this is the expected behavior (playing continuously over the 2 columns).
    If you think there is a problem, send us a minimal project (just the .millumin file) at contact/millumin to show us the exact behavior.

    For more info about the timelines, you can read this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
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