LED Strips

Hi evereybody,

Any feedbacks about led strips, using Millumin ?
What is the best setup to use several colors for a setup with approx 3 meters of strips ?



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    Hello @PPHHMM

    Any controllable led strip will work. 

    You have two types of leds : 
    1- pixel controlable leds, often called WS2812 or APA102..
    With thoses leds you can setup the color of each pixel independently. 
    You will need an interface between your computer and the leds. Enteec propose the all integrated pixie
    Dmx King also have a driver but you will need a separated power supply to use it. 

    2- strip controlable leds. 
    with thoses one, all the leds of the same bar will have the same color. 
    the driver are different than from the previous type of leds. 

    Both can be controlled via Millumin using the dmx layer functionality. More infos on that point here

    Don't hesitate if you have other questions. 



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