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I am very new to using Millumin and I am working with a director who wants the following:

-while a sound cue is playing, an actor takes up a cell phone and live streams another actor.  I want what she is seeing on her phone to be seen by the audience on the screen.-

There are several moving projections for this show that I am running seamlessly through Millumin.  How on earth do I input a cell phone (via facetime?)?  I can call the cell through my computer via facetime or GoogleHangouts, but I don't know how to add that feed from my computer screen to Millumin.

Thank you for your ideas!


  • You could use Syphoner to grab the feed from FaceTime, this will then show as an input within Millumin. You can then add it to a layer etc
  • Hello @canoenyak,

    You could capture the window of the FaceTime application (or GoogleHangouts).
    To do so, use the "Screen Capture" addon :
    - go to Preferences/Addons and activate "Screen capture" addon
    - restart Millumin
    - add "Screen capture" ("Input" folder in the library) to some layer
    - choose your "FaceTime" application as the window to be captured by "Screen capture"

    Best. Philippe
  • or you could use a capture device. We've had a lot of success with Magewell's HDMI 2 USB3 capture device. It's plug and play and can pass audio.

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    Sorry late answer..
    You can use an app and get the feed directly in Millumin.

    The best I've used so far is iwebcamera
    but I realise it is not on the App Store anymore :(

    but I kind of remember I wasn't really happy with this one...

    I've never tried. 

    Anyways, there may be a few different other ones. They all work the same, you put the phone and your mac on the same network, and you install a driver on the mac.
    Then the iPhone camera is recognised as any other camera plugged to the mac. Easy.

    But as long as you use phones and wifi on a play, you will have tons of limitations. Resolution depending on your phone, frame rate depending of how strong your network is. And of course you will have latency issues. 

    But sometimes it is ok ;)
  • late as well...

    I have used Airserver for this, you can then connect to a Mac over airdisplay.
    this has a direct syphon out put, so it will just show up in Millumin.
    Worked great, but was artistically cut...

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