Nema 17 in Millumin beta

Can you control a stepper like the Nema 17? What would be the correct pin diagram? It does not work for me.


  • Hello @pierolr,

    You can control a stepper by writting your own code using this library in Millumin. You will also need a library to control the stepper such as this one
    Regarding the diagram, you will need a driver. The selection of this driver depends on the type of motor you have, and it's usage. 

    Hope it's helps 



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    Hello @antoineM

    Perfect, I will Try.

  • I'm trying the Accelstepper library but seems that can't work smooth together with "MilluminStream" VIDEO->

    Probably the serial port is interrupting the stepper "feed" ?

    I'm trying to pass the value of "MoveTo" by timeline in Millumin.

    Hardware: Mega 2560, CNC shield, Nema17

    Can someone point me in the right direction to test further?

    Did Teensy can operate smoother maybe?

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Hello @Torg097,

    The function MilluminStream::update() is basically doing a serial.update() (looking for packets for be sent via serial port), but there is also a delay().

    First of all, be sure Millumin does not sent data to your Arduino via the serial port (quitting Millumin is the easiest way). Then add the instruction MilluminStream::setLoopIdleTime(0) so there is no delay any more. I guess this is what is making behaving strangely.

    If it works fine, goes on with Millumin controlling your stepper ...

    Best. Philippe

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