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    We've used Qlab fullscreen to each projector. However - when running movies on all three screens Qlab lags as well. Yesterday we compared Qlab full screen on one screen with Millumin using one warped screen. And that was a huge difference. Qlab was perfect - Millumin was not good.
    1. "No optimization detected". Before this it said to go to 64-bit mode.2. Yes. And also H264 with 4000kbps with no difference.3. No edge blending.4. When disabling workspace we see no difference.5. No difference with just one monitor out.6. No big difference in 32 bit mode.7. Changing the value for "precision" in the map tool from 16 (default)  to 1 helped a lot. We did not see a difference in the quality of the warp.. What does this parameter do?
    After doing some more testing we think we need more RAM. And possibly a better processor.However, we are currently going around the problem by using the plug in for AE and adjusting the graphics to the stage set. This way we don't have to do so much warping and the videos run smoothly.
    Can't wait to get my hands on a new Mac Pro.
    January 2014
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    December 2013