Millumin manual?

is there a written manual?  when I click on manual link it is a broken link.


  • Hello Judgeworks,

    Where did you get this link ?
    We removed the manual in 2013, since it was outdated. So there is no more manual.
    Everything is now in the tutorials section.

    Best. Philippe
  • click on some link that said manual.  Have been doing so much research on other things right now not sure where the link to manual was.  If I run across again I will let you know. 

    I'm struggling with some info per dashboard vs composition & cues (see question I posted in another thread).


  • Curious as to why no manual? 

    The videos are helpful, but far from comprehensive. And they take a lot longer to get info from than a written technical document would. Plus harder to navigate. 
  • Hello @jamesboo,

    Sorry, we choosed not to maintain a manual, but rather to be focused on improving Millumin and publishing tutorials (mainly videos, so people can see the manipulations).
    There are pros and cons I understand, but this is the choice that have been made. However, next version of the tutorial page will include contextual search, so easier to navigate.

    Best. Philippe
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    Dear Philippe & Folks,

    I've checked already the vidoeclips that are accessible online; I can understand the choice you've made to not publish a manual but for the beginners it's very difficult to get a sense on how to build a project with Millumin. There's many things and concepts to be considered.

    There is two weeks now that I'm trying to experiment and learn by myself and I feel cheap... Do all the people in this Forum becomed pros by themselves? Why I'm not able to even figure out how to make a project sel-running for my installation?

    It would be very usefull if it be possible to download a small project that is using the basics ( as how to start as auto-pilot when opened). This file project could use the main functionalities of your software with some comments in it - you can even make a duplicate of one that you've already made for your needs.



  • Hello @jocool,

    Have you followed the "learn Millumin in 7 steps" from About's popup ?

    Have you followed our official tutorials
    ? For example, the first one will show you how to create a simple
    mapping (mapping-tool and slice-editor). The other will show you how to
    use the dashboard, the timeline, ...
    Since they are mostly video tutorials, it's quite easy to see the manipulation to achieve the goal.

    After all this, if you have a question, please send us an email. We'll be please to answer you.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello Philippe,

    I've started by reading all the posts on Milumin Forum's to check if something was relevant for my search... and of course several posts give me some nice cues... now I'm in the process of re-doing all the video tutorials one by one including "learn Millumin in 7 steps".

    I am also quiet confusing between Millumin 1 and Millumin 2 - I need to check for the differences between the two... and for example, does Arduino Events Triggering are available on both (I plan to use Arduino and Max MSP on a separate computer if I have trouble to master Millumin for the moment) - Do you think version 1 should be enough for my project right know (does it is easier to learn and master? which one requires my efforts).

    I hope after that to be able to build my installation. It's a project that will be made in a window of an Art Center in Montreal and called "Une curieuse vitrine" (a curious window). I don't have the pretention to copy "Mecanique discursive" but it's the project that influence me most for my set-up.

    I'll let u know of this project... and by the way if you have a contact in Montreal who master Millumin2, I'll be interested to contact him or her... (I've already make a post at this intention on the Facebook Group Montreal's VJs).

    Thank you for helping such a Newbie... Warm regards.


  • Hello @jocool,

    Concerning Arduino : we eased a lot the process of working with them in Millumin 2 (see this video). Just buy an Arduino Uno and some sensor to start playing with them.
    Via MilluPlug, you can use Arduino with Millumin V1 : but it's limited to only one input/output, and it still require to upload some code in the Arduino.

    Lastly, we redesigned our help-center, and there is a beginner tutorial here.
    We'll add more tutorials along the next months, including one for Arduino.

    Best. Philippe
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