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  • Something else has come up. It may be specific to the Nebula? The Nebula has 2 ports and each port has 4 universes. When I plug in to 1 port, I can control 680 pixel lights or all the 4 universes. When I plug in to port 1 AND to port 2, I can only c…
  • Hi Philippe, Thank you! Your fix made it work perfectly. It is strange, I agree. It may be due to the fact that it uses a prtocol other than dmx? Cheers,
  • Hi Philippe, Thanks for getting back to me and sorry I wasn't more specific. We are actually going to be controlling around 3000 pixel lights for the project. Not being able to control the 171st RGB pixel light might be an idiosyncrasy of the automa…
  • got it to work by skipping the 171st RGB pixel light. not awesome but good.
  • Hi, Yes, that describes the problem we are having. I'm looking for a solution. I'll try some more stuff today and see if I can sort it out. Cheers,
  • I came across a hickup. Because 170 does not divide into 512, every universe after the first one is offset by one channel. Do you have any insight into how to remedy this? Cheers,
  • Never mind. Found it in the Preferences! Thanks
  • I believe it was that I didn't have the latest Blackmagic Desktop Video application.  Blackmagic has an automatic firmware update but doesn't automatically remind to update the Desktop Video.  That is where my problems lay.  Not with Millumin. I'll …
  • Also, for the record. I have it working at 1080p 60fps @ 8bitYUV. Also got it working with a Paralinx Triton: Cheers, Carey
  • aha. I got it to work in Millumin 2 but not in Millumin 1? do you know when you will support importing millumin 1 projects into millumin 2?  I prefer not to rebuild my entire show in millumin 2 in order to incorporate the gopro. thanks,Carey
  • Tried everything. Read all that I could find on the internet. No luck. It engages the Blackmagic card and I can see an image on the display on the black magic card but just a black screen in Millumin or Media Express?
  • Hello, I have A GoPro Hero 3+ connected via HDMI into a Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4kI have the GoPro set to 1080 24fpsI have the same setting on my Blackmagic card When I drop it into Millumin, I can see the image on my blackmagic card but all I get is…
  • Hi, I followed the installation procedure and the quartz effects are not showing up on my computer. latest macbook pro with latest quartz composer and osx. any ideas? Cheers, Carey
  • Hello, MilluPlug is amazing!  Thanks. Any word on when it will be integrated into Millumin so we can save/import/export as I am using it for multiple projects and would like to use it for more... collaborating with ableton and enttec? Chers, Carey