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  • Hello Philippe, thanks in advance! Unfortunately, we didn't receive an email with the intermediate version. But we downloaded and tested Millumin 3.12.o (beta), please see the results below. Our hardware setup: MacPro Late 2013 with macOS 10.14.6 …
  • Hi Phillipe, some time has passed. Are there any news concerning the collaboration between Millumin and AJA? Did you get a reply? Our setting is: MacPro (Late 2013) with an AJA IO 4K connected via Thunderbolt 2.  Software is Millumin3 3.11.q Unfo…
  • Thanks Philippe, but the AJA output isn't visible in V2, only in the V2+ beta. Does the V2 recognize the Blackmagic devices or do we have to use V2+ in that case? We don't own the BM hardware yet, that's why I'm asking beforehand. Best. Dennis
  • Hello Philippe, you mentioned that they are accessible from the "inputs" folder. But does Millumin V2 also recognize the blackmagic devices as an output? Specifically, I'm talking about the UltraStudio Mini (MacPro->Thunderbolt 2 -> UltraStud…
  • Hi Philippe, thank you very much for the quick response! At least we can see the IO 4K in the output popup with a variety of different output settings (resolutions & framerates). That works! Unfortunately there is a latency of approximately …