Test of the Zotac Dual HDMI

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    Hi all,

    This Zotac Dual HDMI is a very nice hardware, and so much lighter than a DualHead : you can easily put it in your pocket :)
    The quality is great, and I ordered another one, so I could test 2 of them on a MacBookPro Retina.
    No driver are required.

    Hope it helps.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : the test was run under Mountain Lion / 64 bits mode
  • Oh waouh, that's a good news !

    Have you try to use both Zotac in the same laptop to have maybe 5 or 6 screens ?

  • Hello @t3ke,

    I ordered another Zotac, so I could test with 5 screens.
    I planned to test with 2 TripleHead as well. Stay tuned.

    Best. Philippe
  • hello,
    i ordered the Zotac mdp - to dual hdmi too - first check - it is recognized
    direct by plugin in - so far very good - settings are as easy as
    expected - so far still good next step starting modul8 spanning my
    visuals over two screens by 2560x1024 so
    times the native screen resolution so far so good - but then realised
    that the device is getting pretty hot and the hotter it gets the faster
    i'm loosing the signal at the second screens - conclusion for me so far
    not usable in a professional production environment -

    anyone having experiences in that direction too - or is my device broken?

    macbook pro 15" late 2011
    osx 10.7.4
  • Hello @pixelschubser,

    The device getting hot is normal, but the signal shouldn't be lost : it worked for about 1 hours without problem on the MacBook Pro I used for the test.
    Also, be sure to use good-quality cable (such as these ones), and that your graphic card can handle such a resolution.
    At last contact Zotac, so they will replace the Dual HDMI.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : please keep in mind that we talk about Millumin here, so questions regarding Modul8 should be posted on GarageCube forum.
  • Hello Philippe,

    that i was talking about modul8 was more meant for an experience report - so i used m8 just as a player ;-) - i will talk to Zotac and let you know what they are saying.

    i'm kind of sure that my grafic card can handle the resolutions as i do not have any probems with my matrox dualhead dp edition.

    Best Benjamin
  • Hello @pixelschubser,

    Ok, let us know your progress. Thank you.
    Another question : you cannot change the resolution of the Dual HDMI, it's always 3840x1080.
    If you see another resolution, it's probably because the Dual HDMI isn't supported by your system : I had this problem with a Mac Mini.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,

    you said you had problem with a Mac Mini, what kind of problem ?
    I ask because I plan to buy one (a 2011 model with a ATI 6330M) for a video installation

  • Hello @Alain,

    As said in the previous post, the Zotac Dual HDMI didn't work on the last Mac Mini, with Intel HD 4000 graphic card : the resolution isn't 3840x1080, but maximum 2560x1024.
    Maybe it's different with an ATI 6330M ...

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,

    I tested 2 Zotac Dual HDMI on a MacBookPro Retina and it's working. Just for info.
    By the way, I had difficulties to plug only one Zotac Dual HDMI, so maybe it's sometimes needed to force the resolution with application such as SwitchRes.

    Best. Philippe

    PS @Alain : I'll try to find more time to test on MacMini 2013 ... maybe it could work ...
  • Hello,
    thanks for the tip, I didn't know SwitchRes before.

    Another question :
    I'm starting to investigate for an other project that would take place at the end of the year.
    I'll certainly use Millumin, but for now I'm wondering if a "homemade" mac with two graphic cards would work.
    In other words, does Millumin handle multiple graphic cards ?

  • Hello @Alain,

    The rule is simple : if OSX recognizes your graphic cards, Millumin will also do (as it uses the same libraries).
    However, you should read this post before using multiple graphic card.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : if you wanna talk about "homemade" mac (or hackintosh), I suggest you to start a new discussion on the forum
  • Hello,

    As soon as I'll have details about hackintosh and multiple graphic cards, I'll start a new discussion.
    But for now, after reading the topic you show me, I've a question :

    You said :
    At last, if you uses multiple graphic cards, keep in mind that rendering can only be done by one graphic card, and the result must be pushed to other graphic card, which is time consuming"

    Can you be more specific ?
    What are the restrictions with the use of two graphic cards ? (number of screens, size of the videos...)
    What are the workarounds ??

    Thanks again, sorry to be so curious...


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    after many unsuccessful trials, I've gotten it to work with SwitchRes forcing.
    now work fine on a mac pro+ mountain lion and macbook pro with Snow leopard.

  • Hi @Gnomalab.

    Thanx for sharing this. It motivates me to try again on MacMini !

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,
    Can you tell me what codec do you use to encode your 7680 pixels movie ?
    is it read from a ssd ?

    Thanks !
  • Hello @Pierre,

    The codec was simply Photo-JPEG (as the "Optimize" button will do for you). And as it was on a MacBookPro Retina, yes, it was from a SSD.

    Best. Philippe
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    hello everyone,

    I have a question about the zotac dual HDMI:

    what if my output is projectors with a lower resolution than full HD?
    I understand the zotac only output in full HD, there is no way to force a different resolution?

    I was checking the Matrox TripleHead, but the supported resolution is much lower

    any hint or advice?? 

    Thanks in advance!!
  • Hello @tactile,

    You can use QuickRes or SwitchResX.
    But I doubt it'd help you. At this price, the Zotac is a very specific solution (not like the TripleHead that have a real graphic card inside it).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello @Millumin,

    I understand, thanks a lot. I will go for the Matrox


  • Hi Philippe, did you get to try with 2 triple-heads? My 2 triple-heads are in use on another system (PowerMac), but I've been thinking about moving them to my MBP Retina.

  • Hello @Tryll,

    Using 2 TripleHead on the same computer is possible, and it doesn't depend on Millumin : Mac OSX will managing the graphic cards and the output resolution (System Preferences / Displays).
    Please refer to this post for more information, and you can also ask Matrox support for technical information.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hi! I used my Zotac mini display port to dual HDMI alongside SwitchResX on my Macbook to double up my monitors. This works great!
  • Hi, did you try to use 2 zotac for 4 xga projectors with this resolution : 2048 ( 1024x2 ) x1536 ( 768x2 ) ?

  • Hello @stef31270,

    I tried 2 Zotac on a MacBookPro Retina and it works. The resolution was 2x 3840x1080, as this is the only resolution supported by the Zotac (at least officialy, maybe this can be tweaked by SwitchResX).

    Best. Philippe
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    Hey guys, just thought i should share the mega resolutions the Zotac is giving me, it also gives me the standard 3840x1080 and some other 3.55 ratios.image
  • Does anyone have any idea if this means that with the  Titan X´s 3 DP outs you could get 6x1920x1080 and still have a DVI or an HDMI for your monitor?
    There is a Mac chipped TitanX card at macvidcards that boots and works flawless on MacPro towers, it would be wonderful to have 6 outputs on one machine!
  • Hello @alenmecan,

    We don't have experience with the Zotac Dual HDMI with Displayport : the test we made was about the model with Mini-displayport.
    But you should contact Zotac support, since they also ship the Geforce Titan X. They will be able to ensure if plugin 3 Zotac Dual HDMI will be supported with this graphic card. In my opinion, I think it should work since displayport outputs are 4K @ 60hz.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi,
    I think it is the same device.
    The connector on the adapter is mini DP, but in Japan they ship 2 versions; one with a DP to mini PP cable and the other with a mini DP to mini DP cable - the device is the same.

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