Segment loop doesn't work with 1 week timeline duration

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I work with millumin 2 and i'm setting up a video installation for a museum. I want to play automatically video only the Wednesday and the week end for two month. 
so i try to create a timeline with a duration of 10080 minutes(1 week). until there it's perfect the timeline indicate 6days and i place my video where i want. 

but when i try to loop my week segment that doesn't work. When i go to the end of the sequence, the video stop, the forward icon appear and i have to repeat my week by hand.
i try the same configuration with short sequence and that work. 

So there is a limitation for the segment loop option or on option i didn't see? image

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  • Could you use octopus to control millumin? You could set triggers at certain times / days to control your content.
  • Hello @nono69,

    Indeed, we reproduced this issue that is caused by a floating-point precision error.
    A fix is ready for next update, and we sent you an intermediate version via email.

    Best. Philippe
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