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  • My setup works well. When doing FX4 Upgrade, don't forget to update Firmare and update Flash too !! cheers, renaud
  • Hi @jamesont. I try to connect MacPro trash can with FX4 through DisplayPort but OSX does not detect the datapath. I tried two different miniDP-DP cables, but it still does not work. Did you change any settings in the datapath input before getting i…
  • ok, I understand now what happenned. I thought that Datapath FX4/.H HDMI inputs were HDMI 2.0, but it's HDMI 1.4. I now understand my problem. Thank you @Millumin and sorry for the noise.
  • I just tested the FX4/H and the HDMI input works well at 60fps if you use the Belkin Mini-DP -> HDMI adaptator. You just have to be sure that you use a HDMI 2.0 cable. Some miniDP -> HDMI adaptators does not work, I bought some in Paris and i…
  • Hi guys, This is the same issue than described there. Millumin 1.69 on MacPro 6,1 / OSX.11.5 / 64 Bits / PhotoJpeg with Audio (encoded using Millumin optimize function from a ProRes 442) cheers, renaud
  • Oups... right Manu, I wrote to fast. Pos x have to be set to -640 for the first layer and 640 for the second one
  • Hi Francesco, Each layer has its own position properties, so the short answer is yes you can. e.g. for two projectors, each is 1280x720Setup Output : Custom 2560x720Multiscreen : Number of screen 2. Assign each screen to a physical outputUse one lay…
  • I LOVE the idea to include Milluplug in millumin.thank you !! (Even if I continue to think that an option in the device/midi panel could be implemented to choose between playStopColumn and PlayColumn) ;-)
  • Ok. Is there a chance to have this behavior changed? IMHO, it might be simpler to use midi messages to just play columns. (A-la abletok live) If I send a message for playing the column, it just play the column. If I send it again, media will re-s…
  • Tx @millumin for the tip.If I split the show in several dashboards, I have to send two OSC commands, one for selecting the dashboard, and one for launch the column…I will make a max4live midi device for that (and I will share it on this forum). I tr…
  • cheers, renaud
  • Hi @Millumin, #1 : I will do it… it's not a high-priority feature, but it will help me having a dynamic distant interface…   #2 : tx for the fix… it allows me to prototype this dynamic interface… sounds really interesting… #3 : ok, I got it with Mil…
  • ok, I've read the OSC doc a bit too quickly… "next and previous line" for text layers are available…  About effects's parameters via OSC, I found the syntax to talk to the built-in effects, but that doesn't work with the Quartz effects that I add to…
  • I just noticed that there is no osc/in/out for text parameters if you use a text layer…It will be wonderful to have them… at least "previous line" and "next line"… but all of them will be a great addition !!
  • I'd love a version with Kinnect#1473's support :-)