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  • I found the problem, Little Snitch was blocking the communication, I created a new rule allowing the connection and I got the NDI input.  Thank you very much
  • Hello Philipe Ok.... I don't see the option to enable NDI input. Is it necessary to do something? Thank you
  • Hi! If you want to get the most out of Millumin, you should take a look at these interfaces. I have used them in many events and they are really useful. The important thing is that they are bidirectional OSC-GPIO interface: http://www.workproaudi…
  • Hello! Is the inclusion of this functionality planned? Without this feature it is very difficult to control other devices from Millumin.  I am using OSC-GPIO & OSC-Serial (485 and 232) interfaces, and it would be great to be able to include Mill…
    in OSC Cue Comment by ibox November 2016
  • Yes, i have bought 2 Duallink Adaptor from Apple.... these do not work? What are the correct adapters?
  • Hello, I am having problems with Datapath x4, I can not get 4k . Yosemite only detects one screen of 1920x1080. I am using  duallink cables from apple. What can I do ?  Maybe with switchresX ?  Macbook Pro retina ( 1º Generation )OSX yosemite Many …
  • Hi! It is possible to connect 2 Datapath X4 to MBP retina ( 1º Generation ) ?
  • It Would be nice to have the option "multiple OSC targets" for control multiple OSC devices from Millumin.
  • Ok! Thanks! Is working ;-)  It would be great to have the ability to connect 2 UltraStudio MiniMonitor to my MBPR, then from multiscreen menu select between them.  Screen 1 > BM MiniMonitor1Screen 2 > BM MiniMonitor2 Another option is get 2 S…
  • Something like this... http://vdmx.vidvox.net/blog/new-vdmx-update-adds-support-for-blackmagic-hardware
  • Ok Thanks!