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  • Hi,Philipee, However,Thank you all the same, maybe I have to wait for native vertical function. :) Best Regards.
  • Hi,@Millumin, Thanks for your respond. Yes,My macbook detected that as 2048x768 before I rotate 90 degree.But everything goes wrong after I rotate it.before I did it, each of projector has half part of the video,after I rotated it,the resolution was…
  • How can you connect 2 Matrox Dualhead2go devices to a Mac Mini?
  • Hi,Pillippe,   I follow your tutorial step by step,but there is still a problem with this method.I plugged my projectors to a Matrox Dualhead ,my projector's  resolution is 1024X768, so after I rotate them by 90 degree,it was 1200X1600 ,I setup the …
  • Hi,Phililppe,   I am sorry,It's my fault,I did not disable output of Arena, now it's working.:)
  • Hi,Philippe   I am using a Matrox DualHeadGo2 to connect two projector for testing.I built two layers in Millumin,At the first time, I drag two videos into milumin to each layer,then I setup output as 2048X768,after that,I drag video to layer1 and l…
  • Hi philippe Do I need a Matrox Dual?I drag sypton server into two compositions (layer 1 and layer 2) then rename them as "BG" and "Object",I see there are two Arena files in millumin. But they seem nothing different.I would like to display a differe…