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  • I looked there yesterday and did not see anything about COPY LAYER.Also I am on L and it says no updates available... which I think should be "M" But I see in L it is working.... Option+Arrow.  And N is now available for me - thanks.
  • I'd love to show that countdown clock on a layer as content. Right now, I use an MP$ video of a countdown clock and adjust the "IN" to the length of what is playing.This layer gets send to the Video Switcher and then to the TD Multiview.
  • It would be nice if I could add the current columns time count, whether up or down, as an object that could be placed on a layer. Right now, I send an extra output to our Video Switcher so they can add it to the multiview to the show TD.On that outp…
  • Yes please.I need to do this fairly regularly...Add a button to the "gear" icon in the Column to Copy right (or left) would be awesome.
  • I updated to 10.14.6 today (from .5) after having a mouse stuttering issue while using an eGPU.The issue is no longer present.
  • i'll give a shot on my backup machine. thanks[EDIT: Seems to be solid now.] My Laptop (trial license only for testing) is on 3.12l and shows no update available to M,
  • I just ran across this thread - and have a similar setup.Razer eGPU with WX9100 connected to newest Mac Mini.Mojave 10.14.5Millumin 3.11q5 outputs to E2, 1 for local display. If eGPU is connected to e2, the mouse stutters and I see frame rate issues…