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  • I have that exact spec'd iMac pro and delt with stuttering. Try playing normal prores in quicktime player and see if stutter persists. If yes then it is computer / settings / OSMake sure different video outputs are on different busses coming out of …
  • To be honest 5 minutes is not enough time to see it. I've gone an hour without seeing it, then it pops up. Unless its some other issue in Millumin, I'm not sure what it could be. Timecode from different sources, different speeds (29.97, 30, DF/NDF),…
  • Hey I did get it and installed two days ago. Video side it seams to work great. An occasional stutter here and there but acceptable. Millumin is running at a steady 60fps.  Regarding the timecode, there is a significant audio issue that is present o…
  • Just a heads up to anyone with an iMac Pro, or even just newer macs in general. There is a T2 security chip bug that hasn't been resolved yet that affects audio input. The bug cuases drop-outs and other intermittent issues that can affect timecode i…
  • That would be great thank you! Looking forward to trying it out! Do you have our email or should we email you directly?
  • Hi, I’m about to do thesame setup and would love to hear if there is any update!