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  • Hackintosh with NVidia Titan XP outputting 3 - 4k@ 60hz, 60fps in Millumin.
  • Timeline looping is set within the timeline itself using the segments. Once you place the timeline in the board just make sure the segment you want to loop is selected.
  • @alenmecan thanks for your thoughts. Since my original post I have upgraded to the new nVidia drivers that now support the 10xx series cards including the Titan XP which is what I'm using. Still no improvement in the fps though. My hackintosh build …
  • We've experienced the same problem but it seems to be specific to the Mac Pro "trash cans" Those are the only machines we've seen it on. I know exactly what you are talking about. We haven't seen it in a while. Maybe fixed with a Millumin update but…
  • or you could use a capture device. We've had a lot of success with Magewell's HDMI 2 USB3 capture device. It's plug and play and can pass audio. http://www.magewell.com/usb-capture-hdmi
  • Thanks for the suggestion Philippe. I will try running Millumin from an external monitor connected directly to the eGPU, rather than the laptop screen. However, this does not explain why I'm seeing the same issue with the Hackintosh. It's a desktop …
  • We are testing eGPU's and custom builds (hackintosh) We have not had much luck thus far. Our hackintosh build is running OS 10.12.5 with the nVidia Titan XP card. When we connect more than one external display our fps in Millumin drops to 15-30. We …
  • I use octopus control software from a laptop to trigger multiple Millumin machines. It works great. It can also generate a web based interface so you can use a mobile device or tablet as the control device.
  • I have a solid hackintosh build including dual Nvidia 980ti GPUs. It works great but if I connect more than 2 external displays the frame rate on the Millumin output drops to 30fps. Anyone else have this problem? I'm hoping the new Nvidia driver upd…
  • Firmware update just released this week fixes the problem with the MacPro trash cans and Fx4. 4k@60hz now working from mini DP to DP. We own the DP and HDMI models. Everything working as it should on both models. Even connected two of them for 8 out…