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  • Hello @tease75, Since you are using a hackintosh, there are huge chance that your configuration isn't optimal.On the other side, machines with eGPU or even nowadays MacBookPro are able to run 5 monitors easily. Additional devices such a Datapath FX4…
  • Hello @Bennji_T, I was able to import any of the 4 meshes included in in Millumin. No problem. The second model ( contains 1788 vertexes, it's way too many. When importing it, Millumin will open a popup to remove the useless v…
  • Hello @Bennji_T, Could you post your OBJ file here ? (zip it if needed) Best. Philippe
  • Hello @hepfr, The Cameo/Daslight DVC4 is hardware designed to work with Cameo/Daslight software.You should get in touch with Daslight support to know if other softwares can use their device, but I doubt about it : they probably prevent this. We re…
    in Daslight Comment by Millumin March 20
  • Hello @aigore, We cannot reproduce your issue.Howener, this may be a container issue : is your file a MOV file ? WAV ? AIFF ? If possible, please send us a minimal project reproducing the problem via email. Thank you. Best. Philippe
  • Hello @BaBa, We replied you in the thread you created on Millumin's operator group here. Best. Philippe
  • Hello @goto10, Ok, we reproduce this issue, that happens in a very specific case.We sent you an intermediate version with a fix (check your emails). Best. Philippe
  • Hello @aigore, What is your problem exactly ?Is the stutter happening only at beginning ? Or does it go on during the whole playback of the movie ?Do you have issue with 48kHz/16bit format ? Best. Philippe
  • Hello @Lebleu, Nothing changed since Millumin V1 (2011) : the "launch next column" button is at the same place of the "add new column".One or the other button will be displayed depending if you are editing the board ("add new column") or not ("launc…
  • Hello @goto10, So far, it seems correct and similar to what does Photoshop, but it's hard to understand your issue without a proper project.Could you create a very simple project made of shaders (so there is only the .millumin file to upload) ? Bes…
  • Hello @PieterMarnef, DMXis is both a software and hardware and they are meant to work together.Please note we didn't listed as a supported device in this article. However, it seems possible to change the DMXis USB hardware, so it works like a standa…
  • Hello, If you're looking for someone, a good place is this Facebook group : A lot of good operators there.Best. Philippe
  • Hello @nicostp, We don't own one, but latency should be below 80ms (less I guess). At least the AJA IoXT gave us such results. If you're looking for alternatives, you can found some there. Best. Philippe
  • Hello @chandlerme, No, it's not possible. Sorry. Drag-and-select in the workspace would be useful indeed (note that this already exists in timeline). I cannot give you a date, but we're seriously thinking about it. Best. Philippe
  • Hello @Joshua, Millumin doesn't manage the DualHead, but macOS with Matrox PowerDesk do. The DualHead is detected by the computer as a big panoramic screen, not as 2 separate outputs. Idem for the Datapath FX4. Fortenatly, Millumin is able to check …
  • Hello @dubreski, We limited this case, because it could create infinite feedback loops, especially when activating Millumin's OSC feedback.In latest update (3.11.n), we allowed this and display a warning instead. It should fit your needs. Best. Phi…
  • Hello @Lebleu, You can find the same function in Millumin V1 : - select your media- click the "cog" icon next to "effect"- a popup appears, then click the "setup automatic transition" button Best. Philippe
  • Hello @DavidC, To slow down a live feed (so playing less frames per second than expected), a buffer is required to to play the frames that was not during the present. Usually, this buffer would have a limit, so you cannot slow down forever. There is…
  • Hello Leon, Why not using transitions that are built-in Millumin ?See this tutorial. Best. Philippe
  • Hello @CaptainSpot, The first solution seems the most cost effective, as well as the simpliest one.You could also use Artnet instead of an USB-DMX (maybe more convenient to avoid very long USB cables between the control-room and the stage). Best. P…
  • Hello @eyeonestudio, As far I know, MST hub aren't supported on macOS.You can use a Datapath FX4, but there is also new product : the Magnimage MIG-F4 that seems very interesting and lower in price (half the price of a FX4). However, we didn't test …
  • Hello @clanacav, The list of the OSC messages for D::light can be found there. You probably need the message  "/seq/go".To send OSC from Millumin, use a data-track : more info on this tutorial. Best. Philippe
  • Hello @Matiuk, You can find our updated recommandations here : guess you found this page via an old referencing by Google, but now, all our links point towards our help-center. Best. Philippe
  • Hello @imad, You can see the remaining/elapsed time of your movie from the Time panel :- click the "
  • Hello @PPHHMM, You can download it from the website (the email contains 2 links, one for Millumin V3, one for V2).You can also download it from your account page. Best. Philippe
  • Hello @clement, Sorry, I'm not sure to understand : does it work now ?If not, please provide a short MOV file with the problem. Thank you. Best. Philippe
  • Hello @clement, What is your codec used for your video ? ProRes-4444 ?What is your version of Millumin ? 2.18.w ? Best. Philippe
  • Hello @generalh, This option of Mojave won't change your hardware : it's still heavy to transfert data from the external GPU (making all the calculations) to the internal GPU (to display the results on the internal display). We wrote an article here…