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    The best soft solution I tried and worked great is TCP syphon, FREE and works much more efficient than others.
    July 2014
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    The objects rendering part is similar with Ventuz, both D3 and AI's concept is, make the model(3ds), spread the uvw mapping (as a jpeg and make motion graphics based on this templete), put both in the software, add in virtual projector(consider it as the opposite of a camera, camera takes shots, projector through out shots) and use its available modules to creative the geometry logical relations between the model and virtual projector, add the content on the uvw mapping layer, and it naturally matches together.

    If you move the virtual projector in the software, the physical output automatically changes given the respect to its perspective of where it's located. Vice versa, this helps for onsite setup a lot.

    Good thing is you may create your own device virtually in the software before it gets to the physical output.
    July 2012
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    also take a look into D3 and AI(previously called Immersive Addict Show Control)
    June 2012