Millumin2 - Resizing Columns and Rows

Hi there,

Is the facility to be able to make the rows and columns small or big missing from MILLUMIN 2?

This is an essential facility when using many layers or columns.

Also, it would seem that the HIDE LOCKED LAYERS facility has also gone (!)

Again, i wonder if any other users have found that this is essential when creating large and complex workspaces.

Is there a chance that this might be "coming back" in future updates ?

Best regards



  • We noted this feedback for Millumin 2.
    You can use the "search" field in the dashboard to filter your elements (layers, data-tracks, lights, ...).
  • I really really Miss the ability to make rows Small. Use a Lot of rows and is loosing overview, and don't care about the icons since they aren't representative in my case.
  • Hello @HalfdanJ,

    Be sure you have the lastest version : zoom in dashboard have been added in recent release (see the "+" and "-" button at the bottom of the interface, just as for the timelines).

    Best. Philippe
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