Bugs Milllumin with 4 outputs ?


I have a very strange probleme.

Sometimes, the screens of my canevas freeze 
but my timeline doesn't do this. I can still make some changes on my
timeline but it's like the screens are frozen.

I use the last beta version of millumin and I have a macbook pro 2018 with Mojave.

And something important, I Use two startech adaptators with two HDMI out each..

Do you think it is too much for Millumin to manage 4 outputs on 2 adaptators ?


  • Hello @gaspard,

    Regarding the load on you system, you can check that by going in "Window->Monitor->System".

    Also, keep in mind that Millumin prioritize things : rendering the timeline interface is less important than sending the image to the output. So the output shouldn't froze before the interface.

    Are you encountering the same kind of freezes without using the adapters ?
    Also, do you have a color wheel appearing during the freeze or you just see a framerate drop ?


    Antoine M*

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