using Piezo's as a midi controller


I'm new to the Millumin world. 
I'm looking for an option to use piezo's (contact mic's) as a midi trigger.
So far i'm trying to achieve it by using a soundcard (tascam us16) and an Enntec mk2.
But i'm not able to receive a signal from the piezo in the interactions.
Any help is welcome!




  • hello @stijn 

    If I understand well, your piezo are connected to some device that output midi. And this is connected to your soundcard (in the midi plug)? 

    If that's the case, you might be able to record interactions as shown in this tutorial.
    If it's plugged to your card as an audio input, Millumin won't trigger sound interactions.

    If you want to trigger actions in Millumin, you can wire the piezo as shown here (if you want best results, use an amplifier as shown here) and use the Arduino input interaction from Millumin (see tutorial here ). 

    Please do not hesitate if you have further questions. 



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